How to read the page of Achievements

There is a graph “Achievements” (“Достижения”) in a course in the upper part of the screen. Inside there will be a diagram demonstrating your progress in this course. Below the diagram there is information interpreting the scores you`ve got during the course.

We have compiled frequently asked questions about how to interpret information in this graph. Please read our guide before asking the professors.


I have just started the course and have not done any tests but I can see some columns with tasks so far. What does it mean?

There is sometimes such a situation really at the very beginning of the course. It is just a particularity of demonstration connected to the fact that a part of the course content remains in a configuration process. Real information about test results is stored in the database of the system. Later, by studying the course, the graphic of Progress will update and you will see a more realistic picture.

Why do I see a full column when I have not even started this test (this type of tests)?

There are some particularities related to demonstration of progress in courses which are in a configuration process yet or where not all the tests are open for students already. Usually a graph of progress updates a little during the first two months of studying a course and it is normal. Among other things sometimes full columns are shown near the tasks that are completely hidden from students yet. As soon as one of these tasks is open and you gain a real score, a column will change its appearance.

I see a diagram on the page of Achievements (course progress) that does not reflect my real results.

First of all pay attention to the names of tasks - guide the cursor on a column and you will see the name of the test for which you've gained the concret score.

In a diagram tests do not appear in chronological order , they are grouped together by the types of work.

For example, at first there is a group of columns with the results for homework, then a group of columns with the results for tests, etc.

I haven't done a test, but a full column is shown.

This is a normal situation at the very beginning of a course, connected with some particularities of the course settings, that can arise for some students.

As soon as a test is accessible and you can pass it, a column will change its appearance.

I've passed a test, but an empty column is shown.

A possible reason - some missteps in task settings, made by professors. (The professors have forgotten to point out that scores must be accrued for this task). Usually this problem is solved by the course team during some days and by the end of the course does not influence students` scores at all.

My progress has fallen - now I see a lower final score, though I haven't done anything.

Most likely this happens because of particularities of diagram displaying. All your results for already passed tests are saved. Nevertheless, when professors add another test in a course, a system recounts current scores of every student, so from that moment an overall final score requires passing more tasks. If a new task was open or added, an overall score could have fallen.

What do colors of columns mean?

A red color of a column does not mean a bad result, it is just a particularity of a platform color palette. Tasks of the same types (for example, all home tasks) are colored in one color.

How to know that I`ve failed a task?

If tasks of a particular type are not done, you will see “Fail” (“Неуд.”) near the name of this type of tasks in a table BELOW the diagram. “Not passed” (“Не сданы”) in this case means that professors have set a threshold requirement for a score, below which results are insufficient. We have to mention that this setting is quite rarely used by professors.

I passed the course and got my scores, but at the end of the course all progress columns disappeared.

Do not worry. Your results are saved in the system. Most likely the professors hid the tests so columns with results for these tests also become hidden on the diagram.