Technical requirements


Ensured browsers and operating systems for using courses as a student:

Recommended speed of internet connection for watching videos: from 3 Mb/s.

Known limitations

Unfortunately at the moment we cannot totally guarantee the stable functioning for mobile devices, beta-versions of browsers (for example, Edge for Win10) and some out-of-date operating systems yet not supported by the manufacturers including Windows Vista and Windows XP.

We will do our best to expand the list of supported configurations as our project develops. Nevertheless, for more comfortable using of our website we recommend to use the operating systems and browsers mentioned above.

For exams with proctoring:

For online proctored exams:

Precise technical requirements depend on the concrete used proctoring system.

A user must check up the correct work of one`s PC with an online proctoring system on one's own account. If passing an exam with proctoring is impossible, a student must report on this fact immediately within one hour after the appointed start of the first test with proctoring.