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Frequently asked questions:

Question: I am not satisfied with the test results. I've received a mail that my proctoring is passed, but in a graph Progress I see 0 points for this test.


"Satisfactory" status of procroting session means that a proctor hasn't found any violations of behaviour rules by a student while passing an exam. This mail is not connected with points for the test - your score can be high as well as low.

Even if the session with proctoring was accepted as successfully passed, points for the test can be low or 0.

Questions about test passing rules and score crediting, complaints and appeals for gained points are outside the technical support competence.

We recommend to learn the information about course passing rules and enrolling to final exams carefully - this information is available within the description of a course.

You can find a course in a catalogue and learn its description: https://openedu.ru/course/. You can get additional information by opening the materials within a course.

You can ask further questions about test passing rules and score crediting on a forum in a graph Discussion (“Обсуждения”).