Russian Language A1+: Elementary to Basic. Part 1

Русский язык — это полезно и интересно!

5 October 2022 - 31 December 2023 г.
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About program

This course is aimed at those who have already completed the specialization "Russian for Beginners" and want to continue learning the Russian language and exploring the culture of Russia. The course will help learners to prepare for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL, or ТРКИ, Basic Level — A2). 
Every module of this course contains essential words and grammar constructions that will help enrich learners' vocabulary and written speech. Exercises and quizzes are split into sections according to the structure of TORFL — Vocabulary and Grammar, Reading, Listening, Reading, Speaking. 
This course covers various grammatical topics such as 'Verbs изучать, учить, учиться', 'Adverbs уже and ещё', 'Formation of the Future tense (simple and complex forms)' and many more. The vocabulary includes useful words for describing your daily routine, going to a cafe or restaurant, telling about yourself, your work and your studies.

Program's program

Модуль 1. День за днём

Модуль 2. Как я работаю 

Модуль 3.  Как я отдыхаю

Модуль 4. Расскажите о путешествии!

Education results

Upon completion of this course learners will achieve the following learning objectives:

1.1. Review the Intonational Construction 5

1.2. Learn the verbs изучать, учить, учиться and their compatibility patterns

1.3. Learn the verbs начинать(ся) — начать(ся), продолжать(ся) — продолжить(ся), заканчивать(ся) — закончить(ся)

1.4. Learn the adverbs уже and ещё, as well as the rules of their use

2.1. Learn the verbs слушать — слышать, видеть — смотреть, as well as the differences in their use

2.2. Learn the vocabulary for describing your daily routine

2.3. Learn the formation of the Future Tense of Imperfective and Perfective verbs

2.4. Learn the vocabulary related to various professions

2.5. Learn how to express simultaneous, consecutive and partially coinciding actions using Imperfective and Perfective verbs

3.1. Learn how to use the verbs идти and ехать with prefixes по-, при-

3.2. Learn the vocabulary related to eating out

3.3. Learn the difference between the verb aspects

3.4. Learn the conjugation patterns of a few particularly difficult verbs (брать — взять, платить — заплатить, вставать — встать, ложиться — лечь, etc)

3.5. Learn the vocabulary related to traveling

3.6. Learn how to use verbs of motion with prepositions в/из, на/с, к/от and the names of locations

4.1. Practice speaking skills when telling about your traveling experience

4.2. Use the vocabulary (Eating Out, Traveling) learnt in Weeks 1-3 in practice

4.3. Use the grammar constructions learnt in Weeks 1-3 in practice

Education directions

Косарева Елена Вадимовна

Кандидат филологических наук
Position: доцент кафедры русского языка как иностранного и методики его преподавания

The program certificate is issued upon completion of all graded tasks of the program.

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