Russian Language A1+: Elementary to Basic

Русский язык — это полезно и интересно!

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11 April 2022 - 31 December 2024 г.
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  • Additional education for children and adults

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  • English

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  • 12 weeks

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  • about 5 hours per week

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  • 1 credit points

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  • Cost 10 080 Р

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The programme provides extensive learning materials for you to continue studying Russian and bridge the gap between A1 and A2 levels.

About program

Who is this programme for?
This program is designed for those who already have some experience in learning Russian at the A1 level and want to continue their studies. In twelve weeks of this program, you are going to expand your vocabulary with new words and conversational phrases, learn how to use them in everyday communication with your Russian friends, classmates and colleagues.
What does the programme consist of?

  • Each unit of the programme includes videos with vocabulary, grammar, and dialogues, as well as a great number of exercises for you to practice new skills. 
  • The grammar section on this program covers the most important constructions that are required to reach the Basic level (A2). You are going to master the use of complex sentences with various conjunctions, constructions with predicative adverbs, direct and indirect speech and many more.
  • Each week contains a broad variety of exercises on vocabulary and grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking aspects of language learning. You also will have an opportunity to practice your writing and speaking skills in peer-review tasks.

In order to study the materials of this program effectively we recommend that you first complete the beginner programme.


The programme is taught online and includes recorded lectures, tests, and additional materials, and peer-reviews. 

Study plan

Course “Russian Language A1+. Part 1”
Unit 1. День за днём
Unit 2. Как я работаю
Unit 3. Как я отдыхаю. Расскажите о путешествии!
Peer Review. Расскажите о путешествии

Course “Russian Language A1+. Part 2”
Unit 4. Человек, о котором я хочу рассказать
Unit 5. Моя повседневная жизнь
Unit 6. У врача. Советы другу
Peer Review. Письмо другу / Советы друзьям

Course “Russian Language A1+. Part 3”
Unit 7. Праздники
Unit 8. Традиции в России и в моей стране
Unit 9. Природа
Peer Review. Расскажите о праздниках / Расскажите о ресторане

Course “Russian Language A1+. Part 4”
Unit 10. Мой город
Unit 11. Моя страна
Unit 12. Известные люди моей страны
Peer Review. Напишите о поездке / Расскажите об известном человеке


Education results

This programme provides you with the vocabulary and the most important grammar constructions that are required to reach the Basic level of Russian (A2). Upon completion of this program you will be able to use your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in various situations occurring in everyday communication with Russian native speakers.

Upon completion of this programme, you will know:
1. rules of some pronunciation irregularities;
2. vocabulary related to various topics at the Elementary and Basic levels;
3. grammar constructions at the Elementary and Basic levels.

Upon completion of this programme, you will be able to:
1. pronounce and read Russian, letters, syllables and words;
2. read, write and understand Russian texts at the Elementary and Basic levels;
3. express opinions, agree or disagree, describe one's experience in communicative situations given in the program and understand Russian speech related to the same topics and situations.

Upon completion of this programme, you will have the following skills:
1. precise pronunciation of Russian words and phrases including those with pronunciation irregularities;
2. formation of simple grammatical constructions and usage of vocabulary at the Elementary and Basic levels;
3. participation in conversations on the topics covered in the programme, expression of opinions, giving advice.

Education directions

Косарева Елена Вадимовна

Кандидат филологических наук
Position: доцент кафедры русского языка как иностранного и методики его преподавания

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