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If you want to master the basic tools of the modern design and civil engineer and to look into the future of architectural design, construction and maintenance of buildings, this course is for you. Building information models and digital twins became a necessity in planning, design, building design and building operations.


During the course, you will acquire basic building information modeling skills, create your own project, learn how to draw up architectural and construction drawings and develop a construction schedule using modern software systems such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks.

As you explore advanced BIM tools, you will learn how to script in Dynamo and how to collaborate on projects and construction in BIM360. In the final part of the course you will learn what digital twin of building is and how it can be used to predict all the operational costs of building maintenance.

We hope, that the course "BIM: from sketch to digital twin" will guide you into the world of Building Information Modeling. Upon completion of the course, you will receive the core competencies required to successfully launch your career in the field of Building Information Modeling.


The entire course is designed for 6 weeks. As part of this course, the following subsections will be available to you:

  • Video-lectures. Each topic of the module contains one or several video lectures that reveal the topic.
  • Additional reading materials. Additional reading materials are the summaries of video-lecture with additional examples, transcribed text and links to extra materials.
  • Practice. You'll have 3 extensive practices to complete. 

Tests. You'll have 14 non-graded test and 3 graded tests.

Course program

  1. BIM Concept
  2. Building Information Modeling
  3. Basic work with BIM-Information
  4. Coordination, Management and Quality Control
  5. Advanced BIM tools
  6. Digital twins of buildings

Высоцкий Александр Евгениевич

Position: ассистент Высшей школы промышленно-гражданского и дорожного строительства ИСИ СПбПУ

Золотова Юлия Сергеевна

Position: Ассистент кафедры "СУЗиС" ИСИ


По данному курсу возможно получение сертификата.

Стоимость прохождения процедур оценки результатов обучения с идентификацией личности - 2800 ₽. 

A participant certificate is usually issued upon reaching 60 % of the overall rating, subject to the delivery of works before a hard deadline. The honors certificate is usually issued upon reaching 90 % of the overall rating, subject to the delivery of the work before the soft deadline.