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Welcome to the Digital design with FPGAs course! We are glad to see you as a student of our course!

The course will be of interest to a wide audience: undergraduate and graduate students in the field of digital signal processing and the development of digital devices, specialists who plan to start developing digital devices.


The FPGAs are extremely powerful to implement computationally demanding algorithms. Gigabits per second broadband signal processing for 5G systems, cryptography, hash generation, radar applications and ASIC prototyping - all the industry areas, where high computational load is present are subjects to apply FPGAs.

In this course you will start from the very basics of digital design and then in parallel (as supposed by the parallel nature of FPGAs) will improve the skills in theory, language (VHDL), IDE features and digital signal processing implementation. The course includes theory and labs on basic combinatorial and sequential logic, examples of various approaches for DSP algorithms implementation, techniques for high speed or low area development, design analysis tools and best coding practices.

In the learning process, you:

  • Learn the basic theory of digital devices
  • Learn VHDL language for FPGA programming
  • Learn how to work with Vivado IDE
  • Get practical skills for FPGA programming

Course program

Module 1. Combinational logic

Module 2. Sequential logic

Module 3. Fixed-point and floating-point numbers

Module 4. FPGA specific

Education results

  • Implement digital devices in FPGAs, using Xilinx Vivado IDE and VHDL
  • Simulate the behavior of your digital device, using your testbench and Vivado Simulator
  • Analyze the implemented device in terms of resources, throughput, latency and maximum clock frequency

Рашич Андрей Валерьевич

Кандидат технических наук
Position: доцент


По данному курсу возможно получение сертификата.

Стоимость прохождения процедур оценки результатов обучения с идентификацией личности при оплате до 30 сентября - 1800, далее - 2800 ₽. 

A participant certificate is usually issued upon reaching 60 % of the overall rating, subject to the delivery of works before a hard deadline. The honors certificate is usually issued upon reaching 90 % of the overall rating, subject to the delivery of the work before the soft deadline.