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  • 9 weeks

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The course will acquaint you with the phase transformations that occur in alloys of binary phase diagrams.


Phase diagrams of binary and multicomponent systems are the basis of modern alloy theory. The ability to use them in solving various practical problems is a necessary part of material scientists training. The skills and knowledge acquired during the course will help you to: 

  • create new alloys and improving the existing ones;
  • modernize metallurgical processes for obtaining metals and compounds and cleaning them from impurities; 
  • optimize technologies for the production of blanks from these alloys;
  • research the coatings, surfacing, castings, etc. 

Phase diagrams contain the necessary information about the alloys composition under equilibrium or close to them conditions and about the temperatures of the beginning and end of phase transformations.

The course will acquaint you with the phase transformations that occur in alloys of binary phase diagrams. By the end of the course you:

  • will know all types of binary phase diagrams; 
  • will analyze the transformations of any alloy in equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions;
  • will assess the volume fraction and composition of phases;
  • will describe the structure of different alloys;
  • will choose heat treatment modes to eliminate the non-equilibrium structure.

You may find some of the themes challenging, but we have included many visual material to help you master this course.


The entire course is designed for 7 weeks. As part of this course, the following subsections will be available to you: 

  • Video-lectures. Each topic of the module contains one or several video lectures that reveal the topic.  
  • Lecture presentations
  • Tests. You'll have 7 obligatory tests, selfchecking tests and final exam test.

Course program

Module 1. Introduction

Modulе 2. Phase diagrams with complete solubility in the liquid and solid phase

Module 3. Diagrams with eutectic and peritectic equilibrium

Module 4. Phase diagrams with intermediate phases

Module 5. Phase diagrams with polymorphous elements and compounds

Module 6. Restricted solubility in liquid stage

Module 7 Complex binary phase diagrams

Education results

Will know all binary phase diagrams and be able to read complex diagrams

Will learn to describe the transformations of any alloy of any binary system in equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions.

Will learn to prescribe a heat treatment mode to eliminate the non-equilibrium structure

Get acquainted with images of real structures of alloys

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