Managing Diverse Talent

30 March 2022 - 31 December 2024 г.
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Dear learners, please note that only part of the materials is available for free. All course materials will be available after certification payment.

The course aims to  provide  theoretical and practical aspects  of  global talent management highlighting the role of  talented employees and human  capital at different levels of organizational behavior to ensure a firm’s sustainable growth,   innovative  breakthrough   and  competitive  advantage  in  global environment. 


The course is intended as overview of global talent management approaches with focus on the creation and development of firm’s competitive advantage through people from strategic point of view in international business.

Nowadays every manager is talent manager as deals with people and teams despite professional/functional areas of employment. Talent management competence provides necessary conditions for effective leadership and performance results.   


The course is taught completely online.


Basic knowledge in Human Resource Management and Strategic Management will help to understand course materials. Level of English: B1.

Course program

Module 1 Global mobility

Module 2 Managing culturally diverse employees

Module 3 Managing diasporas

Module 4 Gender-diverse talent management

Education results

Students will

(1) understand different concepts and perspectives of global talent management;

(2) develop systematic approach to understanding correlation between talent management and a firm’s performance, competitive advantage and sustainable organizational growth;

(3) know the strategic role of talent management practices in realization of business strategies;

(4) to be able to work in a team and make effective decisions in global talent management area to explain.

Formed competencies

The course is aimed at the formation of general learning competencies for Bachelor’s and Specialists’ programs, as well as other competencies included in the education program.

УК-3 Способен организовывать и руководить работой команды, вырабатывая командную стратегию для достижения поставленной цели.

УК-6 Способен определять и реализовывать приоритеты собственной деятельности и способы ее совершенствова ния на основе самооценки.

УК-6.1 Выявляет мотивы и стимулы для саморазвития, определяя приоритеты профессионального роста, в том числе на основе самооценки.

УК-6.2 Реализует индивидуальную траекторию развития с учетом особенностей как профессиональной, так и других видов деятельности и требований рынка труда.

Education directions

Отзывы о курсе

Латуха Марина Олеговна

Доктор экономических наук
Position: доцент кафедры организационного поведения и управления персоналом


It is possible to get a certificate for this course.

The cost of passing the procedures for assessing learning outcomes with personal identification - 3600 Р.

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