Fundamentals of the Chinese Character Writing

Learn how to write Chinese characters with SPbU!

14 June 2023 - 31 December 2024 г.
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Unlock the secrets of Chinese calligraphy with our course on the fundamentals of Chinese character writing. Our comprehensive program covers everything from stroke order to proper technique, making it easy for anyone to learn. Deepen your appreciation for Chinese culture. Join us and discover the ancient art form of Chinese calligraphy!

About program

Who is this programme for?

This program will be of interest both to people who are learning Chinese from scratch, and to people who already speak Chinese, but want to deepen their knowledge. During the course, you will get acquainted with the stages of the evolution of Chinese writing, the basic principles of writing hieroglyphs and the rules for the order of strokes, as well as groups of hieroglyphic radicals, which will greatly facilitate learning of hieroglyphics in the future.

The programme has the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the basic strokes and components of Chinese characters.

  • Develop proficiency in writing Chinese characters by hand.

  • Acquire knowledge of the etymology and cultural significance of Chinese characters.

  • Apply knowledge of Chinese characters to communicate effectively in written Chinese.

What kind of learning materials are presented in the programme? 

The program was developed on the basis of the author's methodology of Alexander G. Storozhuk. It contains lecture materials on the history of hieroglyphics, different types of handwriting, types of hieroglyphs, outstanding calligraphers of the past. You will also be offered videos with master classes on writing character radicals with a brush, as well as a video with a detailed analysis of the order of strokes of each of the 214 radicals. 

You’ll get the explanation of the 214 Chinese character radicals and will be able to practice their writing, using the animated and static samples given in videos and on pages. The characters are grouped in a certain order, which makes the process of memorizing the hieroglyphs easier. 

Elaborate tests are going to help you regularize the new information and fill the lacunae. In addition, you will be given handwriting worksheets for practice.


What results will I achieve after completing the programme?

  • Uncover the depths of Chinese writing culture, from its evolution to its modern usage.

  • Learn the fundamentals and become an expert in Chinese writing aesthetics.

  • Improve your handwriting in Chinese.

  • Master the 214 radicals.

  • Distinguish 6 types of the Chinese written symbols.

  • Get a concise survey that covers everything you need to know about the traditional Chinese character-writing tradition.

Welcome to the mysterious world of the Chinese characters — you will definitely love it!


The programme is taught online and includes recorded lectures, tests, and additional materials.


  • The programme does not require any additional knowledge or skills.
  • Study plan

    Course “Fundamentals of the Chinese Character Writing. Part 1”

    Module 1. Introduction.

    Module 2. Early Stages of The History of The Chinese Writing.

    Module 3. History of Character Writing and Principles of Calligraphy.

    Module 4. Character Writing in Tang Dynasty. 

    Module 5. Character Writing in Tang And Song Dynasties.

    Module 6. Character Writing in Song Dynasty.


    Course “Fundamentals of the Chinese Character Writing. Part 2”

    Module 1. Calligraphy Tools: Brushes and Ink.

    Module 2. Calligraphy Tools: Inkslab and Felt Mat.

    Module 3. Calligraphy Tools: Brush Stand and Water Tub.

    Module 4. Calligraphy Tools: Paper and Worksheet.

    Module 5. Calligraphy Decoration: Scrolls and Traditional Book.

    Module 6. Calligraphy Decoration: Seals.

    Education results

    Upon completion of this programme you will know:

    • what does the character consist of;

    • what are the types of character;

    • the history of hieroglyphics;

    • what tools are needed for calligraphy.


    Upon completion of this programme you will be able to:

    • write character radicals;

    • divide characters into component parts.


    Upon completion of this programme you will master the following skills:

    • writing characters with a brush and pen;

    • aesthetically position the parts of the character.

    Сторожук Александр Георгиевич

    Доктор филологических наук, профессор
    Position: заведующий кафедрой китайской филологии СПбГУ

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