Structure of Matter: Atoms, Molecules, Nanomaterials. Part 2

26 December 2022 - 31 December 2023 г.
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A two-part course lays down an understanding of the fundamental foundations of the structure of atoms and molecules, chemical bonds, intermolecular interactions.


The course systematically reveals the relationship between the electronic structure of atoms and molecules, the periodic law of D.I. Mendeleev and the properties of substances and materials in various states of aggregation, modern achievements in the creation of various functional materials with desired properties, the foundations of the digital economy in the field of chemical sciences are considered.



Course program

7. 7.1 "Valence bond method in coordination compounds". 7.2 "Molecular Orbital Theory in the Complexes". 7.3 "Metal Carbonyls. Part 1".  7.4 "Metal Carbonyls. Part 2". 7.5 "Metal-Metal Bonds. Transition Metals Clusters.". 7.6 "Metallic Bonding".  7.7 "Intermetallics"

8. 8.1 "Aggregation States of Substances". 8.2 "Intermolecular Forces". 8.3 "Molecular Electrostatic Potential". 8.4 "Hydrogen Bonds". 8.5 "Dihydrogen Bond. Halogen, Chalcogen and Pnictogen Bonds". 8.6 "Metallophilic Interactions"

9. 9.1 "The Solid State of Matter". 9.2 "Types of Crystal Lattice". 9.3 "Polymorphism". 9.4 "Photonic Crystals". 9.5 "Amorphous State of Matter. Glass and Glass Ceramics". 9.6 "Ionic Liquids". 

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