23 June - 31 December 2022 г.
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The course "Criminology" is intended for those who want to learn about the phenomenon of crime, its scale and causes, as well as how to control it. We will consider the controversy about the concept of crime, turn to the data of criminal statistics, learn how to calculate the main indicators of crime and find out what tools are used by criminologists to identify latent crimes.


We will explore various criminological theories that explain why people commit crimes, from the classical school of criminology to modern integrative theories.
Students will learn how theoretical ideas relate to modern criminal policy practices. Finally, we outline the main discussions about the purpose and social nature of punishment, as well as look at the various approaches to crime prevention and talk about the most relevant ones. Students will also learn about common types of criminological research and take part in some of them.



Course program

What does Criminology Study? Criminological Concept of Crime

The State of Crime

Why do People Commit Crimes? Rational Choice and Situational Factors

Why do People Commit Crimes? Call of Blood

Why do People Commit Crimes? Macrosocial Explanations

Why do People Commit Crimes? Microsocial Explanations

Critical and Integrative Theories

Criminological Analysis of Punishment and Crime Prevention

Formed competencies

The discipline is aimed at the formation of universal competencies of students in the educational programs of the bachelor's / specialist's degree, as well as other competencies provided for by the educational program.

Education directions

Гуринская Анна Леонидовна

Доктор юридических наук
Position: Доцент кафедры проблем междисциплинарного синтеза в области социальных и гуманитарных наук

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