Performance Management and Decision-Making

6 June 2022 - 31 December 2023 г.
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Dear learners, please note that only part of the materials is available for free viewing. All course materials will be available after certification payment.

The course is a must-have if you need to understand budgeting and costing. It gives you the introduction to the world of financial planning, decision-making, performance evaluation, and control of corporate performance delivery.


The course covers 5 topics:

  1. Generally used costing methods where we will talk about why and how costs are allocated to products
  2. Decision-making and relevant costs: covering the main principles of a financial case calculation that should support the business decisions
  3. Budgeting: why do companies need budgets and what’s the best way to prepare one
  4. Variance analysis topic will touch upon key variances that a business analyst should calculate in order to explain to company management, what happened in actuals versus plan
  5. Performance management will cover both the key financial indicators and the process that the organization should establish to drive achievement of its objectives


The course is taught completely online.


Level of English: B1

Course program

Module 1. Generally Used Costing Methods

Module 2. Decision-Making and Relevant Costs

Module 3. Budgeting

Module 4. Variance Analysis

Module 5. Performance Management

Education results

Upon completion of this course learners will achieve the following learning objectives:

1. Understand the core concepts of performance management and decision-making

2. Understand key approaches to financial planning

3. Learn how to apply various costing methods

4. Learn how to prepare budgeting

5. Learn how to apply variance analysis

Formed competencies

The course is aimed at the formation of general learning competencies for Bachelor’s and Specialists’ programs, as well as other competencies included in the education program.

Education directions

Отзывы о курсе

Palitsyna Elizaveta

Position: guest lecturer for Master in Corporate Finance programme, Graduate School of Management


Certificate is issued upon completion of all graded tasks of the program.

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