Contemporary Russian Literature

23 June - 31 December 2022 г.
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We are going to talk about Contemporary literature specifically, but it doesn’t include only the literature of the most recent years. It is technically a course on the history of literature, but the history starting from the late Soviet period up until today.  


The goal is to show you the best writers’ names, so that you may remember them and read their works after the end of this course. The course will show you the tendencies that were developing in Russian literature in last 25 years, and finally to come to it’s present state, in this way forming a journey across the vast sea that is called Russian Literature. Good luck!



Course program

1. The Prehistory of Contemporary Literature

2. The Origins of Contemporary Russian Literature

3. The Birth of Russian Postmodernism

4. Development of Postmodernist Fiction. Victor Pelevin

5. Between Postmodern, Liberal and Pop Literatures. Boris Akunin

6. Between Postmodernism and “Human” Literature: Tatiana Tolstaya and Mikhail Shishkin

7. Literary Situation of 2000s

8. The New Realism of 2000s

9. Current Literature. New Names and Trends, part 1

10. Current Literature. New Names and Trends, part 2

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Степанов Андрей Дмитриевич

Доктор филологических наук, Ph. D.
Position: профессор кафедры истории русской литературы

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