Korean for Beginners. Part 1

31 May 2023 - 31 May 2024 г.
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Dear learners, please note that only part of the materials is available for free. All course materials will be available after certification payment.


Modern South Korea is a country where you can see how the distinct culture and highly developed technologies, traditional and modern architecture, old traditions and elements of globalisation are intertwined in an amazing way. More and more young people are enjoying TV-dramas, K-pop music, movies and learning about modern life of Koreans and their traditions. 
In our course, you will be able to not only master Korean on an elementary level, but also gain the necessary knowledge about the Korean culture and traditions, which is crucial in learning the language. Once you have mastered the basic Korean language course, you will be able to communicate directly with your Korean peers, better understand the mentality of Koreans, and make a lot of friends in Korea.
The course contains basics of Korean pronunciation, extensive vocabulary, detailed grammar explanations and a lot of exercises. Learners will have an opportunity to practice writing using the supplementary materials provided in the course and memorise vocabulary with various sets of cards.


Online course

Course program

Unit 1. Welcome!

Unit 2. Korean Alphabet (Part 2)

Unit 3. Introducing Yourself

Unit 4. I Have ...

Education results

Upon completion of this course learners will achieve the following objectives:

1.1. Learn the pronunciation and writing of simple vowels.

1.2. Learn the pronunciation and writing of basic consonants.

1.3. Learn the pronunciation and writing of Y-vowels.

1.4. Learn how to use the descriptive form of the Copula.

2.1. Learn the pronunciation and writing of aspirated and tensed consonants.

2.2. Learn the pronunciation and writing of W-vowels.

2.3. Learn the main rules of pronunciation.

2.4. Learn the assimilation patterns.

2.5. Learn how to use the interrogative and negative forms of the Copula.

3.1. Learn Korean demonstrative pronouns and their use.

3.2. Learn about polite styles in Korean and how to form declarative and interrogative sentences in the formal polite style.

3.3. Learn native Korean numbers (1-99), unit nouns and their use.

4.1. Learn how to build sentences with location nouns.

4.2. Learn how to use comitative particles.

4.3. Learn how to tell about existence/non-existence using the location particle.

4.4. Learn how to use the possessive particle.

Formed competencies

The course is aimed at the formation of general learning competencies for Bachelor’s and Specialists’ programs, as well as other competencies included in the education program.

Education directions

Цой Инна Валериантовна

Кандидат филологических наук
Position: доцент кафедры корееведения

Караваева Наталья Евгеньевна

Position: преподаватель корейского языка


It is possible to get a certificate for this course.

The cost of passing the procedures for assessing learning outcomes with personal identification - 3600 Р.

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