Korean for Beginners. Part 2

31 May 2023 - 31 December 2024 г.
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Dear learners, please note that only part of the materials is available for free. All course materials will be available after certification payment.


Welcome to the second course on the beginner level Korean by St. Petersburg University!
The course offers extensive vocabulary on a variety of conversational topics such as daily routine, time, plans and weather, as well as new speech styles and related grammar structures. Dialogues will introduce you to the daily life of Koreans and help in practicing listening skills.
The course includes wide range of exercises so that learners can practice new skills and check their progress. Additional reading is provided in order to help learners become better acquainted with the distinctive Korean traditions and cultural phenomena.



The course is taught completely online.


This course is aimed at those who have completed Korean for Beginners 1 and want to continue their exciting journey in the world of the Korean language and culture.

Course program

Unit 1. My Daily Routine

Unit 2. Time

Unit 3. Plans

Unit 4. Weather

Education results

Upon completion of this course learners will achieve the following objectives:

1.1. Learn the grammar constructions with the Object Particle -을/를 and the verb 하다

1.2. Learn the difference between personal pronouns and the use of the plural particle -들

1.3. Learn the grammar constructions with the verbs of motion.

1.4. Learn how to use imperative and prepositive constructions in the formal polite style

1.5. Learn how to use the particle of location -에서

2.1. Learn how to use Sino-Korean numbers

2.2. Learn how to tell the time using pure Korean and Sino-Korean numbers

2.3. Learn how to make sentences in the Past Tense

2.4. Learn how to use the sequential ending -고

3.1. Learn how and when to use the informal polite style

3.2. Learn how to talk about plans and intentions using the Future Tense

3.3. Learn how to refer to time in the past, present and future

3.4. Learn how to express negation

3.5. Learn how to use the particle -에게/한테

4.1. Learn how to conjugate irregular predicates

4.2. Learn how to use the causal connective -아/어서

4.3. Learn how to express negative commands and proposals

4.4. Learn how to make tentative suggestions

4.5. Learn how to express surprise and admiration using the ending -네

4.6. Learn how to use the future marker -겠

Formed competencies

УК-5. Способен воспринимать межкультурное разнообразие общества в социально-историческом, этическом и философском контекстах.

ОПК-1. Способен применять систему лингвистических знаний об основных фонетических, лексических, грамматических, словообразовательных явлениях, орфографии и пунктуации, о закономерностях функционирования изучаемого иностранного языка, его функциональных разновидностях.

ОПК-3. Способен порождать и понимать устные и письменные тексты на изучаемом иностранном языке применительно к основным функциональным стилям в официальной и неофициальной сферах общения.

ОПК-4. Способен осуществлять межъязыковое и межкультурное взаимодействие в устной и письменной формах как в общей, так и профессиональной сферах общения.

Education directions

Отзывы о курсе

Цой Инна Валериантовна

Кандидат филологических наук
Position: доцент кафедры корееведения

Караваева Наталья Евгеньевна

Position: преподаватель корейского языка


It is possible to get a certificate for this course.

The cost of passing the procedures for assessing learning outcomes with personal identification - 3600 Р.

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