Korean for Beginners 3

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  • 4 weeks

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Please note: this course is launched as an online program, to enroll please follow the link: Korean for Beginners 3 


This course continues the course series on the Korean language by St. Petersburg University. We are happy to welcome everyone who has already completed the first two parts and wants to keep learning Korean with us.
In this course we are going to discuss such topics as traveling, hobbies and family, as well as learn some vocabulary and grammar constructions. 
You are going to improve your communication skills and enrich your grammar with the particle of comparison, adverbs of frequency, conditional connective and honorific structures.
You will have a chance to practice your new skills and check your progress in various quizzes. In the final week of this course you are going to get through a round of revision in order to prepare yourself for a peer-review task. Completing this task is a great opportunity to tell about yourself using the vocabulary and grammar you have learnt throughout the past weeks in practice and, of course, to get to know who your course mates are and how their learning journey is going!


Course program

Unit 1. Traveling

Unit 2. Hobbies

Unit 3. Family

Introduce Yourself!

Education results

Upon completion of this course learners will achieve the following objectives:

1.1. Learn how to use the conditional connective -(으)면

1.2. Learn how to use the intentive connective -(으)려고 하다

1.3. Learn how to express wishes or desires using -고 싶다/-고 싶어하다

1.4. Learn how to discuss traveling plans and trips

2.1. Learn how to use the state/result modifier -(으)ㄴ with adjectives

2.2. Learn how to use the nominal form -(으)ㄴ

2.3. Learn how to use the particle of comparison -보다

2.4. Learn how to discuss your hobbies and express comparisons and preferences

3.1. Learn how to use adverbs of frequency

3.2. Learn the main honorific forms of verbs, nouns and particles in Korean

3.3. Learn how to discuss family activities

4.1. Revise the vocabulary for the topics "Introducing Yourself", "Hobbies", "Family"

4.2. Revise the grammar constructions for the topics "Introducing Yourself", "Hobbies", "Family"

4.3. Practice translation skills within the topics "Introducing Yourself", "Hobbies", "Family"

Education directions

Цой Инна Валериантовна

Кандидат филологических наук
Position: доцент кафедры корееведения

Караваева Наталья Евгеньевна

Position: преподаватель корейского языка

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