Korean for Beginners. Part 4

1 June 2023 - 1 June 2024 г.
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Dear learners, please note that only part of the materials is available for free. All course materials will be available after certification payment.


This is the final course in the specialisation on the Korean language by St. Petersburg State University. 
We are delighted to welcome our learners on the final part of this wonderful journey. In this course learners are going to continue strengthening their vocabulary and grammar background, as well as enriching it with the new words and constructions.
This course will provide learners with the conversational patterns necessary in such settings as restaurant, shop and public transport. As always, the course contains many exercises aimed at practicing the acquired skills, card sets for memorising new vocabulary, animated dialogues and short articles about the culture of South Korea.


Course program

Unit 1. At the Restaurant

Unit 2. At the Shop

Unit 3. Transport

Peer-review Assignment: Traveling Plans

Education results

Upon completion of this course learners will achieve the following objectives:

1.1. Learn how to use the grammatical construction ‘feel like (doing)’ -(으)ㄹ래요

1.2. Learn how to use the negative grammatical construction 못 / -지 못하다

1.3. Learn how to use the contrastive connective -지만

1.4. Learn how to use the grammatical construction ‘can/cannot’ -(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다

2.1. Learn how to use the grammatical construction 'to try doing' -아/어/여 보다

2.2. Learn how to use the grammatical construction -아/어/여 주다

2.3. Learn how to use the sentence ending -지요

3.1. Learn how to use the particle -(으)로

3.2. Learn how to use the particles of location -에서 ... -까지

3.3. Learn how to express obligation using the construction -아/어야 하다/되다

3.4. Learn how to use the constructions with ‘before doing’ -기 전에 and ‘after’, ‘later’ -(으)ㄴ 후에

4.1. Revise the vocabulary for the topics "Making Plans', "Traveling"

4.2. Revise the grammar for the topics "Making Plans', "Traveling"

4.3. Practice translation skills within the topics "Making Plans', "Traveling"

Formed competencies

The course is aimed at the formation of general learning competencies for Bachelor’s and Specialists’ programs, as well as other competencies included in the education program.

Education directions

Цой Инна Валериантовна

Кандидат филологических наук
Position: доцент кафедры корееведения

Караваева Наталья Евгеньевна

Position: преподаватель корейского языка


It is possible to get a certificate for this course.

The cost of passing the procedures for assessing learning outcomes with personal identification - 3600 Р.

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