Aerial Photography with UAV

23 June - 31 December 2022 г.
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The purpose of the course is to provide students with knowledge about the technology of aerial photography using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).



The course objectives include: knowledge about various aircraft and payloads, the geodetic control creation, flights planning and their implementation, the main stages of data processing and application of the results obtained.
The course is developing by SPBU together with Geoscan Group – the leading Russian UAV manufacturer and processing software developer. This allowed us to make the course fulfilled with the practical aspects of aerial photography with UAV.



Course program

Aerial Photography. History, Application, Trends

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Сlassification

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Construction

UAV and Aerial Photography Services Market Review

UAV: Payload Types

Types of Coordinate Systems

Types of Coordinate Systems and Vertical Datum

Geodetic Control Network and Coordinate Transformation

Goals and Objectives Shooting Support GNSS Method

Introduction to GNSS

Methods Used in GNSS Measurements

High Precision Methods


Aerial Photography Requirements, Reconnaissance

Ground Control Station Introduction

Geoscan 101 Geodesy Package and Assembly

Parachute Folding

Battery Operation

Launcher Package and Assembly

Application of the Geoscan 101 Geodesy

Build Flight Mission

Prelaunch and Flight

After-Flight Activities

Group Application of the Complex

Using ITRF Survey Points

Static GNSS Data Processing

Kinematic GNSS Data Processing

Real-time Kinematic

Using ITRF Survey Points

Introduction to Photogrammetry

Digital Photogrammetric Processing Basics. SIFT Algorithm

Photogrammetric Software Overview

Resulting Materials and Their Application


Education results


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Select the aircraft and payloads depending on the task and terrain conditions;
- Plan flight mission.

Students will know:
- The UAV composition;
- Requirements for geodetic control of flights;
- Data processing;
- Types of the results and their usage.

This course precedes the previously created course - “Photogrammetric processing of aerial photography materials from UAV”.

Formed competencies

The discipline is aimed at the formation of universal competencies of students in the educational programs of the bachelor's / specialist's degree, as well as other competencies provided for by the educational program.

Education directions

Бакулин Сергей

Position: ГК "Геоскан", оператор БПЛА

Мазурок Артём Владимирович

Position: Руководитель отдела в компания "Джи Динамика"

Тюрин Сергей Вячеславович

Position: Доцент кафедры картографии и геоинформатики

Бляхарский Дмитрий Петрович

Position: старший преподаватель кафедры картографии и геоинформатики

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